Blackboard Annotate - Download Submissions

Who is this guide for?

USA Faculty and Support Staff

What can this guide help with?

This guide will walk you through downloading a Blackboard Annotate submission. These submissions are normally file submissions made by students for essays, written projects, or written group projects. If the submission has comments, those will be included.

Guide - Download Original Submission

There are occasions where you want to download the exact file the students has submitted. Some examples are:

  • You want to download the original student submission, without comments.
  • The file that appears on Blackboard looks to have formatting issues, or sections look strange/missing.

Follow these steps to download the exact file the student submitted.

Guide - Download Submission with Comments (PDF Only)

Follow these steps if you want to download a hard copy of the the students assignments with comments. This download is a PDF only. 

Comments will appear in certain programs, like Chrome:

Or Adobe Acrobat:


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